Everpure Technology

Everpure sets the standard for water filtration. When you purchase an Everpure drinking water system, you can rest assured that it is unmatched in the industry for removing impurities and unwanted substances from drinking water.

Accordion-Folded Filter Membrane

Durable Filtration

Our filter membranes have more than five times the filtering surface area of carbon filters, so it’s like packing nearly six filters into one canister. Unlike solid carbon block filtration systems, our accordion-folded filter membrane [pictured left] is covered with a very fine activated carbon coating, Micro-Pure.

Watch what happens when our filtration system is put to the test against a standard carbon pitcher filter.

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Reliable Water Solutions

Everpure systems are rigorously tested to uphold NSF International and WQA certifications to ensure the water you’re enjoying is free of off-tastes, color, odor, and other unwanted impurities. Some Everpure systems offer added protection against Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), and emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals, BPA, and over-the-counter medications.

Water You Can Trust

Since 1933, we've been committed to providing clean, quality water you can trust. Other filter companies have unsuccessfully tried to imitate our exclusive technology, but knowledgeable consumers demand genuine Everpure filters for superior performance.