Everpure Authorized Dealers

Genuine Everpure products are only available from Everpure Authorized Dealers and Authorized Internet Resellers. To protect consumers from any risk of counterfeits and knock-offs on the internet, be sure to look for this "Everpure Authorized Internet Reseller" badge on the reseller's webpage.

Everpure Authorized Internet Reseller

Unless the dealer provides a receipt showing purchase from an authorized dealer or distributor, the products carry no warranty from Everpure.

Additional ways to protect your purchase:

  1. Buy directly from www.everpure.com. This is the official Everpure website for residents of the United States and Canada and the best way to ensure you are purchasing a genuine Everpure product.
  2. Buy from an authorized Everpure dealer. Dealers in the United States can be found through the dealer locator at the top of every page on www.everpure.com. Enter your zip code to receive a list of authorized dealers in your area. These dealers have the training, expertise, and personal service to help with your purchase.
  3. Buy from one of the following Everpure authorized internet resellers:
  4. Contact Everpure at 1-800-279-9404 or by email to have an Everpure representative confirm dealer or reseller authorization.

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