Sustainable Solutions

Personally Taking Responsibility

Everpure is dedicated to providing healthy, clean water your family can trust—while being mindful of our carbon footprint. As a zero waste manufacturer, you can feel good about the filtration system you’ve chosen for your home. Everpure is committed to these environmental stewardship initiatives:

Comply with or exceed laws and standards designed to protect the natural environment and employees

Identify the most cost-effective and energy and water efficient processes for manufacturing needs

Select suppliers who are committed to ethical and EHS standards and business practices

Develop new technologies and product solutions that help customers address safety, energy and water use challenges

Meet the high expectations of our shareholders, customers, employees and communities in which we operate

Making a Positive Impact with Zero Waste

A facility achieves zero waste by recycling or reusing all scrap materials that would normally be sent to landfills. Pentair’s materials management process, LEAN Enterprise, helps us reduce and eliminate waste while maximizing the use of natural resources.

More than 45% of Pentair manufacturing sites have achieved zero landfill status, including Hanover Park, IL, where Everpure products are manufactured

Today, seven million of our total 15.2 million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide is landfill free

In 2008, Pentair became 100% bottled water free within all our facilities

“As additional government organizations and private establishments move to eliminate the environmental impact of bottled water, more homeowners will want to follow suit. Everpure drinking water filtration systems make it easier to enjoy fresh, delicious water, while protecting our valuable natural resources from the impact of plastic bottles.”

Working Together to Protect the Environment

As cities across the country have officially banned government expenditures on wasteful bottled water, Americans are getting the message loud and clear. Bottled water is expensive, not necessarily cleaner than tap water, and is fraught with overwhelming environmental concerns such as:

Roughly 80% of water bottles in the United States are not recycled, producing 22 billion plastic bottles which are added to landfills every year.

Plastic bottles will not even begin to decompose for hundreds of years.

According to the Earth Policy Institute, the United States uses more than one million* barrels of oil annually to produce water bottles sold in the U.S.

*This number does not include fuel used in global shipping.

ONE Everpure cartridge eliminates
7,800 bottles of water
and the oil needed to produce them